by King Dylan

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The most uplifting song ever. It belongs in a Pixar movie, but instead I made a Lego Music Video for it.



Somedays I wish I was Superman
I could fly from Victoria to Newfoundland
See the Eiffel tower and the Hoover dam
Go to paradise and hang out with Toucan Sam, yo!
It's always better to fly
cuz no one sees I'm more than just a regular guy
and I don't need them in my life so we said our Goodbye!
so maybe we can meet again whenever we die!
Until then, I'm chillin' with my friends
they pick me up and say "Dylan, we can win!"
I guess I didn't think you'd be a villain in the end
and kick me when I'm down, blood spilled on the cement
and even if it's caught on camera, there's no justice
swimming upstream, like Salmon, we some hustlas
and you still off hanging with some bustas
so I'ma be like MC Hammer, U can't touch this!

Did you try to make it hurt
When you pushed me in the dirt
Now I'm higher than a bird

cuz I will get back up and fly
I'm Untouchable

Yo, maybe I'll be an astronaut
and I can wave to y'all when I'm blasting off
cuz I'm a True Survivor like Hasselhoff
now I "Fly by Night" like Classic Rock
you in a "Rush", you waiting for the song to end?
see I Just laugh it off, I'm quite fond of it
I don't brag a lot but now I'm confident
I'm a Rockstar, Red Bull, Monster Drink
I make 'em wake up, for the nights that I couldn't sleep
For the days I was broken and wouldn't eat
For the times that no one was good to me
For the lies you were hoping I wouldn't see
I look away but it's burning my eyelids
and Love should never turn into violence
I'm Sorry to each person that I offend
I let you go, cuz I'm learning to fly again.


It's okay and it's alright
I'm still smiling on the outside
spread my wings when I get high (Alright everybody, just sing a long!)

Kiss the clouds and I'm Satisfied!

Look up in the sky, it's a bird it's a plane
Yeah, get up, and we can go fly again
Look up in the sky at the clouds and the rain
We can get higher and break the chains
Look up in the sky and forget the pain
Yeah, nothing to lose and everything to gain
Yeah, get up and we can go fly again
Yeah, get up and we can go fly again.


Did you believe in anything
When you tried to clip my wings
cuz I still dream that I can fly
I'm Untouchable


released February 10, 2017
Written, Produced, and Performed by King Dylan
(Dylan Roberts - SOCAN/ASCAP)



all rights reserved