Looking For The Sun

by King Dylan

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released February 19, 2013



all rights reserved
Track Name: Queen
Hey, I'll tell you a secret, i like you.
and you don't have to believe it, but I do.
I just want to look deep in your bright blue
eyes, take you out for some eats and a pint of brew.
make you laugh, move our feet to the right tune
steal your heart like a thief in the night (woo!)
but when i see you I freeze like an ice cube
cuz i'm nothing but a geek that you're nice to.
and I'm amazed that you said hello
and when I asked you out it wasn't yes or no
it was what time baby, let me get my coat
just let me know when's the next episode.
you're the sun, you're the moon, you're the star
you light up the whole room when it's dark
You're the song you're the tune in my heart
so let's sing,

'Cause if I was your King
I'd treat you like a queen.
that I'd do anything for. (I'd do anything for)
Now that's something to sing for, live for, and die for

well the secret's out now, so what's next
we could make some loud sounds with rough sex.
we could head to downtown and chow down
or lay on the couch 'round the clock and have a love fest
I'm obsessed with a moment of success
can't believe you're in my home and you're undressed.
relieve her stress, when my woman is upset
forget the world, baby, don't give it up yet
You can call me in the middle of the night
i'm here, physically or mentally, for life
for your love I will fight any enemy in sight
cause you don't just shine you're the epitome of bright
you're the sun, you're the moon, you're the stars
you light up the whole room when it's dark
You're the song you're the tune in my heart
so let's sing,


With You, I'll never sing another sad song (sad song)
With you, Every day is better than the last one (last one)
For You, I'd drain my blood until I had none (had none)
For you, I'd burn the whole world down

Track Name: Forever is a Lie
Yo, Who wants to live forever?
just live the dream of being bigger and better
Never take it for granted don't forget the pleasure
I can still remember all we did together
listen. we all wish on stars and airplanes
and bands keep asking to borrow spare change
trying to make a living with guitars and serenades
nobody but the guy behind the bar knows their names
it's a hard game to play and I know this
we all wish we could make it in showbiz
don't quit, stop changing your focus
it's hopeless, hoping your face will get noticed
They will doubt you and they will burn you
they will turn up their nose like perfume
they will lie and they will make it hurtful
so hold your heart and save your virtue.

I wanna live til the end of time.
I wanna feel like i did last night
but I never wanted to say goodbye
Forever never lasts, Forever is a lie.

life's too short to just dwell on dreams
but you can make it real with some elbow grease
you could walk on clouds when they sell you beans
shoulda never let it go, shoulda held and squeezed
remember when we fell from trees
got back up with the welts on our knees
played like kids, we could yell and tease
Forget it happened and smelled the leaves,
watermelon seeds, and some lemonade
The lego, hockey, and Sega played
days that i wish would never fade
now we just dream about getting paid
jeans are ripped and my sweater's frayed
I seem to slip every step I take
I'm grown up now, but still death can wait
so let's live tonight before it gets too late!


Good things, Good things
Good things never last forever

Track Name: Blind Man
The devil's sitting on my shoulder again
handing me a bottle of rum
my angel's crying, telling me not to jump
cuz I'm like a blind man Looking for the sun
I'm like a dying man, waiting for God to come

The world is so cold
keeping faith is like an everyday job, and just to breathe you need to poke holes
and it's controlled by some bozos
right & wrong are just words, and you can't believe in photos.
the truth is blurry, I try not to worry,
I'll do my best to prove my hands are not dirty
but you wanna hurt me, and tell me that you love me
well love is beautiful, but you made it ugly..

I'll never lie to you, but maybe i just might hide a few
skeletons, i'll tell my friends, to try to keep it in a private room
whatever I try to do, i'm steppin up to the highest view
so i can see clear, let go of the tears, but still I've feared when i would lose
I've made mistakes, i've faced the flames, the gates of hell awaits
I'm strugglin nobody wants to be here when i've got nothing great to celebrate
you're sortof the jealous fake snake types this fella hates
I wish i was blind so i didn't have to see the devil's face


I crack the fireball whiskey, I love the cinnamon taste
not much of a drinker, but i feel like I'm gettin sick of this place
i opened up to you, and all you did was spit in my face
I'm losing a friend today, my heart falls and a bit of it breaks
and I can't shake it, I've been hated before
but I can take it normally you went and created this war
and you've invaded in my space so find your way to the door
I've got a heart but now I dunno what i'm saving it for

and There's no escape plan, but I'm still on the run
I don't wanna chase your love if i'm not the one
if I'm not the one

well the devil made me feel okay
he put his arms around me and said
that I'll be fine without love
but I'm just a blind man looking for the sun
I'm just a blind man looking for the sun
I'm just a blind man looking for the sun
Track Name: The Good Life
They found you in a tub full of blood, lying naked
You weren't capable of love, so you faked it.
all the secrets you shoved in the basement
every chance you did nothing to save it
your heart was taken and it left some scars.
the tears you had shed you had kept in jars
death looks nice, when life gets too hard
but everybody's left with the question mark
you had to doubt yourself with little bits of fear
so you drowned yourself, driven insecure
a voice so clear whispered in your ear
this place would be better if you disappeared
the voice was mine, and I apologize
looking down, standing where the bottle lies
Talking to myself, i didn't wanna die.
I should have listened when my parents called tonight

momma told me everything was alright, alright
daddy wiped his tears away and said, son, real men don't cry
Maybe one day we can live the good life, good life
one day we'll laugh about it. One day we'll laugh about it all.

I can only imagine, if it happened
my guardian Angel must be laughin
I'm sorry if you wanted to help, I'm not asking
right now it feels like my life's collapsin
..but I could never take my life away
despite all the days I'd fight my rage
i was afraid of the price i'd pay
to the demons that say suicide's okay
..I tried to save all those memories
I put them away and never pray for your sympathy
singing the blues, like I was raised in Tennessee
Cuz I'm my own worst enemy
it hurts too bad, I can't take no more
Some days I wanna go where the angels soar
but I heard a song by Louis Armstrong,
and I remember feeling worse pain before

September 7th, 1998.
i'm saying thank you, but I'm kinda late
your life was important to my escape
from the greatest mistake that i might've made
you were a good friend, you were a close friend
and you came in my life like you were chosen
to show me how to be myself, we were like bros man
I never want to see another body so frozen
seeing you lie there changed my life and
i couldn't sleep, I stayed up crying
I used to think I wasn't afraid of dying
we all believe that we're made of iron
so I'm glad I had a friend like you to show me true pain
I can't explain, losing you was a true shame
but my hearts been ignited with a new flame
"What a wonderful world" that you changed.
Track Name: Insignificant
Track Name: Nothing Comes Free
I ain't got no money left.. no
I spent it all just to put on my show.
no one came how should've I known?
people laugh now where do i go?
was it all a waste a time?
12 years ago, had a taste of rhymes
spent thousands of bucks just to chase & find
that the whole damn industry is fake & blind
.. Who am I? and what have I done?
out of all the rappers under the sun
who is King Dylan? did I stutter p-p-punk?
you still don't know? well son of a gun.
New jacks all sound alike
you look the same, black, brown or white
now everybody tryna take me down in height
but you're my homie, you got my album, right?

When I have kids I'll tell them one thing
You can do anything you wanted.
but dreams take time, and nothing comes free
so make dollars make sense, make money, baby"

Some things I can never afford
so in some ways i'll be better off poor
money causes the federal wars
but it helps you get what you weren't getting before
and if you wanna do what you love in life
someone will find a way to up the price
sometimes you're not strong enough to fight
and it just doesn't matter how much you tried
...everything has a price
no matter how much you think you've sacrificed
no one cares they just act all nice
and say that's too bad, it's a fact of life.
yeah. so if you want happiness
if you've practised and practised your bag of tricks
just go out there and be fabulous..
and make the money cuz you need cash to live!

So be careful, be careful baby. money doesn't love you
so be careful, be careful baby. money doesn't need you

Dreams take time, and nothing comes free
but don't stop trying cuz nothing's easy

but be careful baby, you better build it
stack it up, pack it up until you geta million
dream big, don't let nobody ever kill them
talkin about everything that i'm gonna tell my children
Don't you ever doubt yourself don't believe them
they will try to tear you down, for no reasons
you can do anything you want you can reach it.
live hard, die strong, never show your weakness
Track Name: Shine Bright
You ever felt like a bag of dirt?
it hurts bad, can't sleep, can't imagine worse
All I hear is some absent words
the silent treatment, damn you jerks
I know you, you had to have the last words
I asked you, now answer back you bastards
it's Frustrating, trying to shine but just fading
Odds against me, breaking, duct taping
saving my life thru faith, enough waiting
trying to look good, but my face was cut, shaving
Call me names to my face - I bet you can't!
tell me to act my age and get some fans?
yeah yeah, you wanna do some damage?
think bigger, and try to move the planets
i've let the wrong people play a part in my life
but if you're still here maybe we can shine bright

Yeah maybe we can shine bright
Someone tell me that it's alright

you ever felt like you need some new friends?
all the old ones just leave their two cents
you call them up and feel like a nuisance
but I'm just trying to rebuild with some blueprints
we made new jams, to please the true fans
we rocked hard for at least a few grand
it never lasts like a wilted fruit stand
you left.. nobody can fill your shoes man...
But it's a one way street I suppose
I change lanes and just speed down the road
and make sure that the weeds never grow
I kill 'em off and plant the seed of a rose
cuz I'm a leader in need of a true believer
by my side, gettin weaker to see that your not that eager
to be there. you'd rather have your vodka and caesars
I'm on the edge and you're just watching me teeter.

you ever felt like you're lucky to be here..?
everyday is like a bucket of free beer
they used to say "he's so ugly" and "he's weird"
in junior high, girls were buggin me each year.
and then I grew up, or maybe they did
or maybe i just learned to shake the hatred
and love consumed me, all the ladies gave in
am I the bad one, or were they mistaken?
but i'm a changed man, no more circus act
no more drama, mom, I know, no one's perfect, dad.
-You slapped my wrist when I slipped but i'm glad you did
I was an athlete, i was a graduate
saying I'm successful is probably inaccurate
I do my best and i always aim for happiness
and I dreamt that we shook hands and loved again
I'm not bad, i'm just a good man, strugglin